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Eliminate the LIMITING BELIEFS that block your SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT and achievement of your GOALS!   The last chance to free yourself from the most serious barriers that block your spiritual advancement and achievement of your goals   "Why do I get stuck when trying to achieve deep personal changes and my personal goals?" The most common reason why spiritual people get blocked in spiritual development and achievement of their goals lies in hidden limiting beliefs. These may easily block the…

Find And Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs VIDEO

Find and Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs VIDEO

How LIMITING BELIEFS block your spiritual development and the positive changes of your life.   Limiting beliefs make one of the most important barriers for effective self-improvement work. In some cases they constitute an unsolvable barrier which can resist all your attempts to achieve improvement in your life. They are also sometimes so well hidden that you could live your whole life without becoming aware of some of them. I created a short video (only 3 min) in order to…

The Second Principle Of Success In Harmony

The Second Principle of Success in Harmony

TO EASILY ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, THEY MUST BE ATTRACTIVE TO ALL PARTS OF YOUR BEING.   Maybe the most important characteristic of the QUICK GOALS system is that it harmonizes your goal with all parts of your being. The goal becomes attractive to you not only on rational level, but on all levels. If you want to achieve a goal in harmony, it needs to be so attractive that all parts of your being are totally involved in its achievement.…

One Of The Most Important (often Neglected) Factors Of Success

One of the Most Important (often neglected) Factors of Success

  The First Principle of Success in Harmony TO ACHIEVE  YOUR LIFE GOALS YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR   Think about your previous results in the area of chosen life goal. Are you completely satisfied with those results? Have you accomplished the goals that you have set up? Is your personal reality in that area really perfect? If you are truly happy with those results, all you need to do is to continue behaving in the same way. One…

Complete CASE STUDY For The 10F Process

Complete CASE STUDY for the 10F process

Few days ago I shared a material about 10 Fingers Technique. In that material you have the latest version of the 10F process, basic ideas on which it is based and a few ideas about possible applications of the technique in your everyday life. This material is the case study with the 10F process (one of many) which one of my clients did while he was working on his goal. Let’s look at this simple example, so you could better…

My Gift For Goals In Harmony Fans

My Gift For Goals in Harmony Fans

As you could have noticed I strongly believe that one of the most important things for achieving goals in harmony is the elimination of goal related inner conflicts (that’s the STEP 1 in my famous “Six Easy Steps” material (You can download that material here, or access the “Six Easy Steps” video training here . Recently I’ve realized that since I started our Goals in Harmony blog, I didn’t share the 10F technique.  (the 10F technique is the main technique for…

Achieve Your Goals In Harmony: The Spirituality Myth

Achieve Your Goals in Harmony: The Spirituality Myth

DO YOU LIMIT YOURSELF BY No. 1 SPIRITUALITY MYTH?   I made a new video about one of the most important limiting beliefs that burden the reality of the people devoted to self-development. This is a belief I call the Spirituality Myth. Spirituality Myth is a myth that a spiritual person should consciously neglect her material goals and needs, because they distract us from our spiritual development. Here is the video in which I consider to be my rebuttal of…

How Come You Have Inner Conflicts When Setting Goals Which Are “positive” And Really Desirable?

How come you have inner conflicts when setting goals which are “positive” and really desirable?

As you have probably noticed on my site, I believe that the main reason for the problems people have in achieving their goals is connected to the inner conflicts they have about them. Today I’ve got an interesting question from a QUICK GOALS practitioner. She noticed that she had very strong negative feelings about the goal she has set (starting an exercise program). She was pretty puzzled by the fact and asked herself how it is possible to have such conflict when…

Useful Exercise

Useful Exercise

LIFE WHEEL EXERCISE Preparation Exercise for Your Work on Goals   The QUICK GOALS system is a tool for work on practitioner’s life goals. Before they choose the goal for the workshop I ask practitioners to complete the following exercise. (Even if you don’t plan to practice the system, following exercise will provide interesting insight in your current life situation.) Exercise could be very helpful in giving you better perspective of your whole life. It’s a popular coaching technique, found…

Goal Setting 3: The Final And Most Important Step For Achieving Goals In Harmony

Goal setting 3: The Final and Most Important Step for Achieving Goals in Harmony

I just finished the final video of the Video Training Series. This last video is the most important in this Video Training. It walks you through my whole simple 6-step system for achieving even the most difficult of your goals in harmony in the shortest possible time. In this video I will also cover the exact questions I use to find inner conflicts when working on my goals and in the work with my VIP clients, and the easiest techniques to eliminate them.…

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