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The Second Principle of Success in Harmony



Maybe the most important characteristic of the QUICK GOALS system is that it harmonizes your goal with all parts of your being. The goal becomes attractive to you not only on rational level, but on all levels.

If you want to achieve a goal in harmony, it needs to be so attractive that all parts of your being are totally involved in its achievement. All parts: physical, emotional, creative and spiritual.

The Second Principle and the elimination of inner conflicts

It’s the same thing that we talked about when we covered the first step in the “Six Easy Steps” material.  To make your goal perfectly attractive, you absolutely must eliminate the goal-related inner conflicts.

It’s as simple as that!

To understand this principle completely, let’s first see what the main problem is that most people have with achieving their life goals.

People who don’t use their spiritual options consciously want to achieve their goals, but have different unconscious parts that oppose them. Therefore, they waste most of their energy in the struggle between these opposing parts.

Sometimes your resisting parts aren’t obvious, nevertheless when you start working on your goal, they are almost always there.

Let’s look at some examples.

Suppose that you are businesswoman that wants get a promotion to a higher position in the company where she works.

Setting your goals in the standard way, you will sincerely believe that you really want this goal. You will “know” that you really want success and bigger income that will provide a better life for you and your family.

But is it “the whole truth”?

The not so obvious fact is that some parts of your being may not be so trilled about your goal.

Part of you may fear that the new position will rob you of the time you currently have for yourself, for your friends, or your partner. Or that committing yourself so fully to your work could make you neglect the needs of your kids.

If they exist, such parts will not be truly involved in accomplishment of the goal. In fact, they will actively resist and sabotage accomplishment of the goal you consciously want.

The situation is similar if you are a student studying for the next exam.

Setting your goal as most people do, you may truly believe that you really want to pass it. Unfortunately, you will again have parts of your being unconsciously resisting the goal.

Some of these parts may resist the fact that you will not be able to hang out with your friends, others that you will have to give up playing basketball on Tuesday evenings, and some that you won’t have the time to spend with your girlfriend.

All these parts have an important positive purpose in your life. Their resistance will make the achievement of your goal much harder, if not impossible.

Because of these inner conflicts most people simply quit their goals.

Even if you don’t, you probably won’t have too many reasons to cheer about. People that don’t use their optimal options deal with such conflicts mostly by the use of the will power. But will power won’t serve you very well here. Even if you are able to force yourself to do what needs to be done, results probably won’t be perfect.

Why is that so?

The reason is simple. When you don’t use your spiritual options, you use biggest part of your energy just forcing yourself to do what “needs to be done”. Major part of your energy is spent in conflict with your own parts that resist that goal. Therefore you won’t have enough energy left for taking actions that will achieve it in the material world.

Let’s take another look at our student.

When he is not using his spiritual options, even if he is able to overcome the resistance, he would spend a large part of his energy just in forcing himself to “sit and study”. Naturally, he won’t have much left over for actual acquiring the necessary knowledge.

Having such conflicting parts, before starting to study he would prepare coffee, drink it, turn TV on and than off, walk around the house to clear his head, make “important” telephone calls, prepare food, eat it, fix an old TV set, have a nap, call his girlfriend, read newspapers, organize his pencils, go out to by new ones, organize his books, read them, look up “something important for exam on Internet”, surf a little, sleep again, and than go out with his girlfriend to the movies.

Of course, after a few hours of such “study” he would be exhausted, and wouldn’t remember a thing about anything that he has read (if he has read anything at all).

The Second Principle and the optimal form for a goal

Like you have maybe noticed in the Six Easy Steps That Will Harmonize Your Goals With Your Spiritual Path material, to make the goal perfectly attractive it’s not enough to eliminate goal-related inner conflicts.

Failing to make the second improvement in your goals that we talked about in our check list, can as easily stop the achievement of your goal dead in its tracks! If your goal is in the abstract form (instead of goal achievement experience), you won’t be able to feel it and experience it fully, so it will never be perfectly attractive.

As you can’t fully feel it and experience it, you won’t be able to make it truly perfect, and that will again generate some additional conflicts.

Also, because the goal is abstract, it will be much more difficult to decide what are the actions which are necessary for its achievement.

So, if you set your goal in the usual way, it won’t be perfectly attractive, and some aspects of your being will oppose its achievement. And when important parts of your being oppose it, you use a large part of your energy in the struggle with those parts instead of actually working toward the goal’s achievement.

So, in the end, the results for the average Joe-in-the-street are rarely something to write home about.

When you use self improvement techniques for the achievement your situation is totally different.

In that case you will easily resolve the conflicts you have about your goal and use the goal in its optimal form (experience). Because of that, the goal is set in a way that it’s desirable to your whole being, and in a complete harmony with your Spiritual Path.

The different parts of your personality no longer fight each other, but work as a team on your goal. All your energy is focused laser-like toward accomplishment, instead of being wasted in your own conflicts.

When you start working like this, your work on your life goals is harmonious and pleasurable, and achievement is assured.

With the use of your spiritual options you will take all actions for the achievement of your goal from a sense of complete inner unity. You won’t need to force yourself to take the necessary actions anymore. You will be naturally motivated by the desire to have your goal achieved as soon as possible.

Working on your goals like this produces the same level of the enthusiasm with which you are engaged in your hobby, or any other activity that you enjoy doing. Only when you work on your goal with such enthusiasm and zeal, you can be sure that you are really using your spiritual options.

And when you feel and work like that you don’t need me to tell you what your results will be like! You know it yourself.

Even before, when you didn’t formally use your spiritual options, you have easily achieved any goal you targeted with such motivation and determination. Such work can have just one outcome:

Total success!

We all have had such experiences in our lives.

The difference is that with the QUICK GOALS system you consciously create such orientation toward your goal for every goal you set.

Wishing you harmony and success,


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  • For most people the main problem about achieving goals is that we have some parts of our being that unconsciously oppose those goals.
  • Even when we succeed in forcing ourselves to do “the right thing” against opposition of our unconscious parts, we spend most of our energy struggling with these parts. We have only a little of our energy available for actual achievement of the goal.
  • To make your goal perfectly attractive for all parts of your being, you also need to transform it in the perfect goal form (goal achievement experience).
  • When you use the options that are in harmony with your whole being and your goal is perfect, all of your energy is concentrated toward reaching your goal.
  • That is a harmonious path to success for spiritual people.