You are currently viewing Goal setting 2: The Goals in Harmony Action Plan

Goal setting 2: The Goals in Harmony Action Plan

How to stay in harmony while you work on the achievement of your goal and the main reason for 95% failures. Forget this simple truth and you will destine yourself to fail.

Here is the second video from my Video Training Series:

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This video is about an easy way for taking actions while staying in harmony with yourself and your spiritual path.

If you already know how to create a precise action plan for your goal…

Then you can skip past the beginning and go straight to the “main trap that causes 95% failures that spiritual people endure when trying to achieve material goals” part of the video

If you don’t know and understand the things that are covered there, you are almost destined to fail in achieving your significant goals.

On the other side, understanding this will make achievement of even the most demanding of your goals almost certain.

Really, when you understand and start using this, you literally CAN NOT FAIL!!!

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Wishing you harmony and success,

Filip Mihajlovic

P.S. Keep an eye out for the last video too…

The last video (it’s coming tomorrow) covers the most important step for achieving your material goals in harmony. It’s about the identification and elimination of your goal-related inner conflicts.

P.P.S. In our last video I am also sharing the exact questions I use to find inner conflicts when working on my goals and in the work with clients, as well as the most effective way for eliminating such conflicts.

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