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One of the Most Important (often neglected) Factors of Success


The First Principle of Success in Harmony



Think about your previous results in the area of chosen life goal.

Are you completely satisfied with those results?

Have you accomplished the goals that you have set up?

Is your personal reality in that area really perfect?

If you are truly happy with those results, all you need to do is to continue behaving in the same way.

One thing is certain. If you continue with the same behavior in any given area you will get the same results. To get different, better results, you need to change your behavior.

Of course, this is so general and obvious that it may seem that I don’t even need to say it.

But so many spiritual people claim to understand it, and behave in the totally opposite way in everyday life, that I feel that I still have to mention it. (Regardless of the danger that some of you may find me a bore for stating the obvious).

So, please try to understand this point and see how to incorporate it in your life and the way you work on yourself.


When setting a new goal, you are trying to create better reality in some area.

It is especially true in area of your life goals. When you are setting a life goal, you are trying to fundamentally change your reality in that whole area of your life.

So, it’s clear that an effective goal achievement system must allow you to create the desired changes in your behavior.

The necessity of changing behavior is the main reason why so many people quit their goals.

People who don’t freely use all of their options are not able to easily change their behavior.

So, they repeat the same behaviors even if they don’t get desired results. They repeat ineffective behaviors again and again, until they give up in failure.


At first sight, situation is even more difficult for the people like you and me, people on Spiritual Path.

Most of spiritual people believe that their Spiritual Path and their everyday life are strictly separated.

We feel that the changes necessary for successful achievement of material goals demand giving up some part of our spirituality. That in order to reach your goals, you need to behave non-spiritually or even immorally.

This is, of course, a total nonsense.

Successful behaviors don’t exclude spirituality.

Yes, some people achieve great success with unspiritual and immoral behaviors.

Yes, some spiritual behaviors are not very effective in your everyday life.

But, these ideas about equivalence of spiritual with non-effective or unsuccessful are just that—ideas.


Once these beliefs are recognized as such, spiritual person is just a step away from achieving amazing effectiveness and accompanying success.

The most important reason why most people can’t change their behaviors isn’t that they don’t know that they should.

It’s not that people are lazy, or stupid, or that they don’t understand that they should get their act together.

They simply have strong feelings hampering changes in their behavior.

Do you think that alcoholic don’t know that he shouldn’t drink? Or, that student doesn’t know he shouldn’t go out but stay home and study before the exam? Of course they know. But we all have these inner barriers that prevent us from acting the way we know we should.

This is why your spirituality isn't your handicap but your most important asset.

Self-improvement techniques are all about changing yourself and your states of mind.

There are options for reaching your goals that are in harmony with your whole being and your Spiritual Path.

These options are already there. They always were. You only need to learn to recognize them and to start using them. It is simple. All you need is the right set of tools.

An effective goal achievement system will allow you to recognize your best options, and the optimal way to use them. Such system will also deal with your inner barriers and conflicts that stopped you from using those options in the past.

After that everything is much easier.

The necessary behavior change comes naturally. You don’t have to push yourself to exercise or to start dieting anymore (if your life goal is weight loss). Or to ask your boss for a raise, or to make these crucial additional calls to your clients.

Actions you had to force yourself to take before now become natural and easy.

This is because you’re becoming aware of your spiritual options, options that lead you toward achievement of your goals in spiritual and harmonious way. When you use those, you WANT TO DO everything you can to carry those options out.

So yes, you need to change your behavior to accomplish your goals. If you want to get different results, you need to act differently, and use the options you haven’t used before.

And not just that. When you use spiritual techniques for achievement of your goals, you will stay in complete harmony with your spiritual path and your true being all the way to the achievement of your goals.


It’s a good idea while you are working on your life-goals, to regularly check if you are improving your behavior, or you are trying to get different results behaving the same way you always did. Every evening ask yourself: “Which changes in behavior I made (if any :) in my standard behavior in order to achieve this goal?”

In just a few days it will become quite obvious what changes you MUST make if you want to achieve your goal. 

The easiest way to put these principles into practice is to use some of the Goals in Harmony practical materials. The best one to start with is the Six Easy Steps That Will Harmonize Your Goals with Your Spiritual Path material. DOWNLOAD IT and apply the practical techniques on the goals you are working on right away.

Wishing you harmony and success,




  • To get better results and achieve your goals you need to change your standard behavior. Effective goal accomplishment system must support you in this.
  • The necessary changes CAN be made in harmony with your Spiritual Path.
  • If you are spiritual person, it is essential to choose those ways of achievement that are in harmony with the deepest parts of your being and your Spiritual Path.