Hi, I’m
Filip Mihajlovic

Hi. I am Filip Mihajlovic and I am helping people interested in self-improvement to achieve their material goals in harmony since 1991.

In the last 25 years I have coached thousands of spiritual people through achieving their goals and increasing the harmony with their reality.

I coached my workshops in 10 countries around the world (including United States, Russia, Germany, Italy and others), and the Spiritual Option and QUICK GOALS coaches and Trainers I trained are coaching my systems in more than 20 countries with the results that are second to none.

My coaching, video and membership programs are enjoyed by the hundreds of people around the globe. I love my community of self-improving people!

Why am I starting this blog?

I am starting it so I would have a channel through which I could share the practical tips and techniques for achieving success and material goals in harmony.

In that way, people interested in self-improvement will be able to try and experience these techniques and see for themselves how easy achieving goals can be when you achieve them in harmonious way.

With the techniques I will share with you here, you will see how easy getting in harmony with your goals is, and that the easiest way to success and achievement of your goals is by the clever use of self-improvement techniques.

And I know that it might be very difficult to believe that you will be able to achieve your goals in this way.

If you are like me, through your life you have encountered dozens of various goal-setting, visualization and “reality changing” systems and you were mainly disappointed with the results.

Techniques that I will share with you on this blog won’t be like that. These techniques are practical and will give you improvements in your inner states and behaviors as soon as you use them.

So, I understand that you are skeptical and that it’s hard to believe that the things I will share give such dramatic results.

Only thing I can say is that it’s OK to be skeptical and that you should let yourself be skeptical until the results you get reassure you.

Let yourself be skeptical until you are persuaded by your own results. The techniques which I will share here are practical, and when you apply them on your goals you will be able to see immediate improvements in your inner states, behaviors and results.

Use the practical techniques on your goals and check the whole thing for yourself. What can you loose?

You can also take look at the experiences that practitioners of my system (which were in the exactly the same situation as you are in now) experienced when they tested some of these techniques.

You can see other people’s experiences here: LINKLINKLINK

There is an additional problem for accepting the truth that you can consciously change your reality and do that staying in harmony with your whole being.   From our first steps on the path we were usually taught that the desire to achieve our goals or change our reality will interfere with our self-development, or that it’s even unspiritual.

This is what I call Number 1 Spirituality Myth and you can read more about it here in my first blogpost:  LINKLINKLINK

And finally, how to get most out of this blog?

Well, we are just starting, but probably the best places to start are the first two posts (“Rebuttal of No. one Spirituality Myth” and “Why success should be easier for spiritual people than for the people who are not”). They cover one of the most problematic reasons why spiritual people struggle in achieving material goals, and how to deal with that in the easiest possible way.

And if you want to try the practical Goals in Harmony techniques, the best place is my “Six Easy Steps That Will Harmonize Your Goal With Your Spiritual Path” FREE material.

In the next few days I will also finish (and post :) free Goals in Harmony video training series which will go deeper into the goal setting and explain further the main points from the “Six Easy Steps” material.

Some additional FREE reports will also be posted in the next few weeks.

By getting these you will also get on my mailing list, so whenever I post a new blog, you will be notified.

Please browse the site. There will be so much information and the goodies to take the advantage of.

And, lastly, what I really want to say is:

You can really do this. You can achieve your material goals, change your reality and you can really do that in harmony with the deepest parts of your being!

I know that. I have already seen hundreds of people like you achieve theirs.

Love and peace,

Filip Mihajlovic