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The First Practical Material


Like I said, the purpose of Goals in Harmony blog is to allow me to share and discuss practical tips and techniques for achieving one’s material goal in harmony with spiritual path.

The best material to start with is my “Six Easy Steps That Will Harmonize Your Goal With Your Spiritual Path” material.

What is it all about and why I feel that you should read it (and start using it) before you start working on any of your goals?

What is it and what you will find in this material?

The “Six Easy Steps” material is a set of simple things you should do with every goal you start working on if you want it to be set in the best possible way.

Some mistakes in setting and working on goals are almost universal and if you make them, your goals are almost certain to fail, or at least you would spent much more energy, and feel bad while working on them.

These principles are valid for all people and all goals, but sticking to them is even more essential for spiritual people (or people who are interested in self-improvement).

This is so, because spiritual people are more sensitive to not being in harmony, and it’s more difficult for us to do all necessary things for the achievement if we need to force ourselves. This is usually the case when your goal is not set in the best possible way to be in harmony with your true being.

If you make these common mistakes when setting your goals, the structure of the goals is non-optimal, and you aren’t directing your energy in them in the best possible way.

The “Six Easy Steps” material will allow you to correct these mistakes (with minimum investment of work and energy) in the goals you work on now and in all future goals when you set them.

The principles behind “Six Easy Steps”

All my systems are based on two main principles, and that is also true for the “Six Easy Steps” material.

The first of the principles is that if you want to get different results than those you got in the past, you need to change your behavior. (Obviously if you keep with the same behavior, you will get the same results).

The second one is that the main problem for changing behavior is not that people don’t know that they should change it, but that they have problematic emotional reactions that prevent them from doing so.

You can change these emotions with chosen self-improvement techniques, and that will allow change of behavior necessary for achievement of your goals.

Besides elimination of the blocking emotions, for effective achievement of your goal you need to have an exact way to decide how exactly you will achieve it in the material world. In other words, you need to decide about the actions you need to take for the goal’s achievement.

All this is covered in the “Six Easy Steps” material.

Some steps are focused on finding and elimination of inner conflicts, some of optimal form for your goal and some on the simple way to identify the way of achievement that is perfect for you.

The last of the steps is focused on the main reason why 99% of the failures happen.

If you don’t understand the principle which is behind that step, the nature of practically every goal is such that you are almost destined to fail.

So, I truly believe that you should check “Six Easy Steps That Will harmonize Your Goal With Your Spiritual Path” material and try these steps on few of your current goals.

FREE Video Training

I am also preparing a free video training series that will explain the “Six Easy Steps” material in greater depth. (I will make the videos available in the next few days, so stay put and be ready to check them as soon as they are posted.)

You can DOWNLOAD the “Six Easy Steps That Will harmonize Your Goal With Your Spiritual Path” material below.


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