You are currently viewing Goal setting 1: Achieve Goals in Harmony FREE Video Training

Goal setting 1: Achieve Goals in Harmony FREE Video Training

Here is the VIDEO that explains the first steps from my SIX EASY STEPS to harmonize your goals with your spiritual path practical material:



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It’s the first one in my new “Achieving Goals in Harmony” video training series.
These videos will give you a deeper understanding of the simple six- step system for achieving goals in harmony with the spiritual path.

(We covered the small part of it in the “Six Easy Steps”material.)

You should take all these steps when setting any goal.

Finding your ideal partner, getting a perfect job, starting your own business, getting the home of your dreams, or creating a perfect family…

Regardless of what your current goal is, these six steps will allow you to set it perfectly and achieve it in harmony.

In these videos I also gave some of the real life examples of the processes some of my clients used to achieve their goals.

In today’s video we will cover the most important tips for setting your goal in a way which will allow you to achieve it in harmony and avoid the mistakes and obstacles most spiritual people have when trying to achieve the material goals.



Filip Mihajlovic

P.S. ​​​Keep an eye out for my next video too… I’ll show you how to create an action-plan with actions that will be in harmony with your whole being, how to easily take all necessary actions, and how to keep yourself in harmony while you are taking them.

Plus many other things you should know to achieve your goals in the best possible way, and in harmonious way!

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